Death & Co X Cocktail Codex Box Set




Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails "Signed exclusive" The definitive guide to the contemporary craft cocktail movement, from one of the highest-profile, most critically lauded, and influential bars in the world.

Featuring hundreds of recipes for signature Death & Co creations as well as classic drink formulas, Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails is not only a comprehensive collection of the bar's best but also a complete cocktail education. With chapters on the theory and philosophy of drink-making; a complete guide to the spirits, tools, and other ingredients needed to make a great bar; and specs for nearly 500 iconic drinks, Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails is destined to become the go-to reference on craft cocktails. Filled with beautiful, evocative photography; illustrative charts and infographics; and colorful essays about the characters who fill the bar each night, Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails--like its namesake bar--is bold, elegant, and setting the pace for mixologists around the world.


There Are Only Six Cocktails. 

So say Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, and David Kaplan, the visionaries behind the seminal book Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails. In Cocktail Codex, these experts reveal their surprisingly simple approach to mastering cocktails with the "root recipes," six easily identifiable (and memorizable!) templates that encompass all cocktails: the Old Fashioned, Martini, Daiquiri, Sidecar, Whisky Highball, and Flip. Once you understand the hows and whys of each root recipe, you'll understand why some cocktails work while others don't, how to make ingredient substitutions and variations on the classics, why you like the drinks you do, and how to invent entirely new cocktails. With more than 350 recipes, in-depth explorations of ingredients, and both fundamental and advanced techniques, Cocktail Codex gives drink-makers of every level the tools to understand, execute, and improvise both classic and modern cocktails. 

"Signed exclusive"