Love Never Dies Tee + de Kloka Perfumes


Love Never Dies Tee (Size)
This bundle includes our limited-edition "Love Never Dies" tee and a sampler set of de Kloka X Death & Co botanical perfumes.

The sampler contains one 2ml bottle of each exclusive scent: New York, Denver, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.. 

About the scents:

The New York scent is warm, spicy, woody, earthy, and animalic. For its formulation, de Kloka perfumer Jackie Brenner chose elements that speak to classic cocktails, including spikenard, an ancient aromatic with earthy, rooty, and slightly bitter aromas reminiscent of amaro or vermouth. You’ll also find coriander in the top notes, which lightens the perfume with a citrusy herbal note, much as it does in many gin formulations. Absolutes of rose and beeswax in the middle notes are reminiscent of candlelight and lipstick. 

The Denver perfume plays with elements in the cool mountain air. Vivid green pine absolute gives this perfume its incredible natural color and the scent of walking through a coniferous forest. The saddle leather aspects are grounded with earthy and fresh patchouli. The heart is cool and green with Persian cypress and poplar buds. The fresh citrus top notes of grapefruit and lime create an aroma of dried hops and fresh cannabis.

The Los Angeles scent is all about heat and velvety suede texture. Ginger and orange combined with rare citruses like yuzu and yellow mandarin open the perfume with its narcotic white flowers of jasmine and orange blossom. Distinctive resinous notes from frankincense, myrrh, and sweet incense round out the texture that is grounded in Royal Hawaiian sandalwood and Haitian vetiver.

The Washington, D.C. is built on a woody and spicy base of sweet tobacco and coffee. The heart is fruity, herbal, and green floral with the signature D.C. springtime cherry and magnolia blossoms. Precious spices of the time like black pepper, nutmeg, and cardamom give this perfume its spicebox aspects. Herbal and fruity clary sage pairs with the musky-fruity black currant buds and tangy lime to create a green apple note. 

CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to