Excerpted from Cocktail Codex

Easy Eggnog

Dairy is a natural companion to the richness of an egg. Either can contribute to the texture of a cocktail in a dramatic way, and when they’re combined the effect is amplified. Of course, Eggnog is the classic example. Though it’s typically made in large batches that involve a lot of work—preparing a custard base and then spiking it with booze—that isn’t always convenient (and never quick), so we’ve come up with this single-serving version of Eggnog that can be made à la minute and without much prep.

¾ ounce Plantation Barbados 5-year rum
¾ ounce Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac
1 teaspoon Giffard Vanille de Madagascar
¾ ounce Cane Sugar Syrup (see Note)
1 ounce heavy cream
1 whole egg
Garnish: Cinnamon and nutmeg

Dry shake all the ingredients, then shake again with ice. Double strain into a chilled Old-Fashioned glass. Garnish with a few grates of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Note: To make Cane Sugar Syrup, combine 2 parts unbleached cane sugar with 1 part water in a blender and blend until the sugar has dissolved.