By Joe Rinaldi (Death & Co LA, 2023)

Low End Theory

"A lot of my drinks are based around a flavor combination of a dessert or dish I really enjoyed in the past. The Low End Theory is an old-fashioned riff based around the combination of banana and garam masala, two flavors I encountered in the form of a spiced banana muffin. My first thought was to use Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaican 2015 because it has tropical notes of banana and spices. To add some body to the drink, I added Knob Creek’s 9-year bourbon to pair with the rum (which is aged in ex-bourbon barrels) and some PX sherry to add a layer of nuttiness and velvety texture. And to introduce the flavor of garam masala, I decided to use Bitter End’s Moroccan bitters (which have prominent notes of cumin, cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon). The thing I like the most about this drink is the unexpected layers of flavors you get;  up front it’s tropical, then it’s nutty and spicy on the finish." —JR

1 ounce Knob Creek 9-year Bourbon
1 ounce Jamaican rum
¼ ounce Romate Pedro Ximenez sherry
¼ ounce Giffard Banane du Brésil liqueur
1 teaspoon Cruzan blackstrap rum
1 dash absinthe
1 dash Bitter End Moroccan Bitters
Garnish: 1 orange coin

Stir all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a single old-fashioned glass over 1 large ice cube. Garnish with the orange coin.