By Trevor Shores (Death & Co Denver, 2024)

Velvet Jumpsuit

"I wanted to create an approachable vodka martini and thought that a stirred version of a lychee martini would be a fun callback to the 1990's era of cocktails. Ketel One vodka makes a silky-smooth martini base, with St. George’s citrus vodka adding juicy notes. Dolin blanc vermouth might be the real star here, though, as it brings all the depth that a martini needs. A touch of cachaça adds a grassy note, and the lychee liqueur adds a touch of sweetness that you'd find in the 90's-style drinks. A lemon twist is a must, as its oils help bring a more rounded citrus flavor." —TS

1 ounce Ketel One vodka
½ ounce St. George Spirits California Citrus vodka
¼ ounce Novo Fogo Silver cachaça
1 ounce Dolin blanc vermouth
½ ounce Giffard Lichi-Li lychee liqueur
Garnish: 1 lemon twist

Stir all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Express the lemon twist over the drink, then add it to the glass.