I've been cooking for over 12 years, first time cooking in a cocktail bar! Before Death & Co, I was sous chef and then CDC at Wildcraft, in Culver City, a completely from-scratch kitchen. Outside of work, you can find another restaurant or bar. That's kind of the catch when you get to do what you love! I'm also big into hiking with dog, Pepper. We are big fans of the Santa Monica Mountains!

Cocktail Mugs

Our Cocktail mugs are so cool and I love watching people’s reaction’s when their drink arrives in one of these. My favorite is the Ratender!

Tote Bag

I am obsessed with this tote bag. It’s perfect as a work bag - holds my laptop a long with all the miscellaneous stuff I might possibly need at any given time but it’s also cute enough to wear out afterwork and not feel like a student.

Pigeon Bucket Hat

I always carry a hat with me just incase I need to feel like a cool guy hiding out from the paparazzi or actually just shielding my face from the sun. The bucket hat is a cute option and step up from my go to dodger dad hat.