By Jack Stevenson (Death & Co Denver, 2023)

Model Village

"The Model Village was inspired by the Red Ant, which is one of my favorite Manhattan-style cocktails (and it happens to be a Death & Co modern classic as well, created by Thomas Waugh). The rich berry notes in my drink directly call back to the Red Ant, while the combination of Cognac and peated Scotch speaks more to my personal history with spirits. I also sought out all of the flavors people usually love in a classic Manhattan, but dialed up to eleven. This is a perfect cocktail to have with dinner, whether to contrast to a brightly flavored dish or to complement a rich and hearty meal." —JS

1½ ounces High West Double Rye
½ ounce H by Hine Cognac
¾ ounce Carpano Antica vermouth
2 teaspoons Giffard Crème de Mûre blackberry liqueur
1 teaspoon Port Charlotte 10-sear single malt Scotch
2 dashes Bitter Truth aromatic bitters
Garnish: 1 brandied cherry 

Stir all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with the brandied cherry.