By Alexander Ali (Death & Co NYC, 2023)

Achilles Last Stand

"This drink, named for one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, started by fusing a Manhattan and a Negroni together. I wanted to create a cocktail that could be enjoyed by several types of palates as well as help introduce people to armagnac. I used flavors that were rich but light enough to be enjoyed on a warm spring evening: roasted agave notes from an espadín mezcal; rich stewed fruit notes from the madeira and sweet vermouth; and a touch of bitter minty spices found in the St. Agrestis Amaro. If I had to choose one final cocktail for my last stand, it would be this." —AS

1 ounce Mal Bien espadin mezcal 
½ ounce Pellehaut Reserve armagnac 
½ ounce rainwater madeira 
½ ounce St. Agrestis amaro 
½ ounce Cocchi Vermouth di Torino 
Garnish: 1 lemon twist

Stir all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Express the lemon twist over the drink and discard.